What Should Matter Most When Choosing Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays and keep them safe from objects that may come in contact with your eyes. They also help you see clearly through the water. Despite all these important roles of fishing sunglasses, they are still overlooked by most anglers.

Wearing fishing sunglasses has many benefits, aside from protecting your eyes. They also make you a better angler, as you can clearly see because of their anti-glare properties. The good news is, even if fishing sunglasses do all of these wonderful things, you do not have to spend more of your money. Some of the best fishing sunglasses cost only USD50 or even less. You can find these cheap but amazing sunglasses over at Fishstainable. With these sunglasses, you save money, protect your eyes, and fish more efficiently, all at the same.

All sunglasses below USD50 are not the same. Some are better off than the others in terms of quality and features. And it does not guarantee that those close to USD50 are better than those that are even cheaper. Always be wary and choose the eyeglasses with the following features.

UV Resistance

When there is the sun, you can expect damaging effects on our eyes, skin, and skin extensions. This is because of the ultraviolet rays. Using products that have sun protection formula is the best way to protect our skin and skin extensions, like our hair and nails. You can also wear long sleeves and use an umbrella every time you are under the sun.

And what about your eyes? When buying sunglasses, be sure to check the label that says, “100% protection against UVA and UVB.” Most sunglasses nowadays have UV protection embedded on their lenses rather than coated on them.


It will definitely be very uncomfortable going into a fishing expedition in broad daylight if you are not wearing sunglasses with anti-glare. It will not only be uncomfortable, but you may experience pain in your eyes after your fishing trip. This is because of the strong rays of the sun that are reflected on the water’s surface. You can just imagine when you are in the middle of the sea with all that is surrounding you are a strong and dazzling reflections of the sun’s rays.

Scratch Protection

The sunglasses that are sure to resist scratches are treated on the front and backside of its lenses with a hard coating. The importance of buying sunglasses with scratch protection is that you will be using them for a long time, which means you are saving on money. You will also have a clearer view of your surroundings and even under the water with scratch-free sunglasses.